NewDreamWorld’s Tillandsia Bulbosa Air Plant, House Plant Decorations for Terrarium Accessories Garden Supplis

Size:large Here are some tips for optimal care: After shipping: Step 1: On delivery, please take them out of shipping box in time. It'd be quite stressfull for these little creatures to go through a long cross-national journey, so put them in a cool air-circulated place to relax. Setp 2: after some rest, wait till sunset or before sunrise to give them a quick spray with the small complimentary water atomizer(Better keep the spray nozzle a proper distance from the plant and shoot the mist a litter upward to let the mist fall on the leaves of air plants, not on the root part). Hold it upsidedown and gently shake it to remove excess water. Step 3: Rest them in a cool and air-circulated place and make sure they will dry out soon to avert risks of root rotting. Note: DO NOT water them when they are at a high temperature over 30 celsius degrees, or it's suspicious to beget a death or unrepairable damage with a sudden drop of temperature. On a regular basis: Place them at a place with a good air circulation and bright filtered light(Please avoid direct strong sunshine; optimal temperature: 10-30 degrees). Mist them with a quick spray once or twice a week as instructed in step 2 and ensure that they dry in time after rehydration(through blow dry or wind dry).

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