Lustria Metallic Tattoo Jewelry - Party & Event Flash Tattoo Kit - Assorted NYC-Designer Sheets & Precut Bracelets in Gold & Silver Accented with Colors (Large)

Size:Large - 36 to 48 guests Designed in NYC. Visit our website at for more tats and inspiration via our Style Guide! Instagram: Facebook: Guests can get their luster on by creating signature looks. Wear a subtle charm to highlight a delicate point on the body or wear a medallion to really shine. Bracelets, armlets, and anklets are designed to stack. Wear one or more at the same time. Do not apply to sensitive skin, near eyes or areas with lots of hair. How To Apply: 1. Apply on clean dry skin free of lotion 2. Cut jewelry tats according to your size 3. Peel the clear protective top sheet 4. Press design face down onto skin 5. Use a spray bottle or cloth to wet paper 6. After 20 seconds, slowly peel paper off 7. Now you’re ready to repeat, have fun! How To Remove: Method 1. Firmly press invisible tape, pull away slowly, repeat as necessary Method 2. Rub makeup remover or baby oil for 1 minute, leave on for 3 minutes, then wipe away with a cloth Product Dimensions: Gift Box: 12” x 8.25” x 2” Bracelet Box: 8.625” x 5.75” x 0.3125” Tattoo Sheet: 8.375” x 5.5” Precut Bracelet: 8.5” x 1.25” Spray Bottles: 20mL (0.66oz.)

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