Henna Temporary Tattoo Kit Included 3pcs Temporary Tattoo Arm Sleeves, 9 Color Henna Tattoo Paste Cones With 159 x Adhesive Stencil, 1 Applicator Bottle and 8 Plastic Nozzle

A Brief History of Henna TattoosThe henna plant is a small flowering tree or shrub. Originally, it grows in northern Africa, Asia, and Australia. Henna ink is made of powdered henna leaves. Henna ink for henna tattoos is the use of the henna plant to make an ink paste. Henna or Mehndi, which are art forms of temporary tattoos, was a very popular form of celebration body decoration, for women in ancient India and Egypt. It is still very popular even today.The Rise of Popularity of Henna TattoosHenna is symbolic of joy, blessings, love, fertility, birth, beauty, luck, life and other means of celebrating. Today this type of body art is increasing in popularity due to the trends of various celebrities and others who are interested in temporarily enhancing their creative and fun-loving sense and style of personal beauty. Henna tattoos seem to be very popular with the younger crowd who want to express themselves while having fun in a popular way.The Benefits of a Henna Tattoo verses an Ink TattooWhen you want the look and feel of a more natural form of body decoration that is temporary, the benefits of a henna tattoo will outweigh that of a permanent ink tattoo. Many individuals are only interested in temporary tattoos and henna provides an attractive alternative. A henna tattoo does not require the use of needles and is totally painless, which is another benefit of this type of creative body art. A henna tattoo will fade away within a few weeks depending on the application, the condition of the skin and its natural revitalizing properties. However, when you choose an ink tattoo, you are stuck with the selection for a lifetime. Many individuals choose henna tattoos as a means of having fun and staying fashionable.

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