Brew Rite Coffee Maker Cleaner (1, 4-Pack (8 OZ.))

Package Quantity:1  |  Size:4-Pack (8 OZ.) Product Description 4+ Cleanings. For all automatic drip and espresso machines. Cleans better than vinegar. Removes hidden deposits. Improves brewing time. Non-acidic - No harmful residue. Cleans and removes mineral deposits & bitter coffee oils. Your machine will consistently provide cafe quality coffee & espresso while running more efficiently. Works on all types of machines: automatic drip; espresso/cappuccino; percolator; urns, etc. Brew Rite cleaner is safe for all parts of your machine and will leave no harmful residues. Made in USA. Preparation Instructions Mixing ratio - 1 tablespoon: 4 cups water. 1. Fill the coffee or espresso brew pot with cool water. 2. Add one tablespoon of Brew Rite Cleaner for every 4 cups of water. Stir until completely dissolved. 3. Pour into water reservoir, brew and discard. Note: Do not pour undissolved or dry product into reservoir. 4. To rinse, brew full pot of fresh water through the machine three times. 5. Depending on machine use, repeat every 2-4 weeks. 6. Rinse brew pot and funnel. Ready for use. Consistent use ensures shorter brew cycles and great tasting coffee. To clean milk frothing wand: Immerse wand into a warm Brew Rite Cleaner solution for approx. 1 minute, wipe clean & rinse (Extremely soiled wands may require longer soaking period). To remove hard water deposits & coffee oils from serving containers: Soak a warm Brew Rite Cleaner solution in each container for 5-10 minutes, wipe clean & rinse. Moisten a towel with the Brew Rite Cleaner solution to wipe the exterior of your machine clean. Ingredients Contains: Sodium Carbonate.

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  • Date first listed on Amazon: July 30, 2018